On the Road Again

Each fall a new touring season begins as veteran shows continue criss crossing the country, new works tryout on the road before taking their shot at the great white way and Broadway’s favorites of the previous season hit the road to share their story with the masses. This season 6 new productions will take their bow alongside the currently running 11, and 10 new Broadway tours on the way (not to forget the 5 non-union productions also going out). It certainly will be a busy season this year as 32 shows travel the country entertaining thousands of audience members nightly.

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Less is More

In May, one of Canada’s most beloved theaters will close to undergo a $2.5M renovation for a reason you might not expect; they are reducing the size of the theatre.

The Royal Alexandra has been home to extraordinary entertainment since construction in 1907 by famed architect John Lyle. In an effort to provide the most comfortable experience possible, theatre owner David Mirvish has made the decision to reduce the theatre capacity by 253 seats, a remarkably bold choice when most theatre owners are doing everything they can to squeeze more seats in.

“It may sound counterintuitive in terms of revenue, but we believe in the long term a happier, more comfortable audience will lead to greater loyalty and return visits, which in turn will lead to a more profitable theatre. In fact, we are spending $2.5 million on this renovation; that’s how important we believe it is,” says Mirvish.

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Lunch at Sardi’s Everyday

OK, well not really…

Have you ever sat in the theatre waiting for a show to begin wondering how it all came together? Have you ever wanted to share a story with the world? Do you dream about being in the room where it happens? Now is your chance.

Elite Theatricals is seeking co-producers for current and upcoming projects including regional, touring, and Broadway productions. Co-producers don’t just raise money, they are involved in various day to day tasks and decisions in many areas of production. For more information on how you can get your name in the next playbill, contact CEO Michael Anthony Gremo at

Be part of the reinvention.

The Room Where it Happened

Last night was no surprise-Hamilton dominated the Tony’s and proved they are not only a force to be reckoned with, but that they have secured a strong foothold in the fabric we call American Musical Theatre-and they are here to stay. What can we learn from this? Take risks, take chances, challenge everything you know always, and as Madonna taught us in 2004, never be afraid to reinvent yourself. Lin has officially opened up the door to limitless possibility. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see who walks through next.

70th Annual Antoinette Perry Awards

The nominations are in and to no ones surprise, Hamilton is not only dominating in every major category, but leading the race with a record breaking 16 nominations. Also nominated for best musical this season is Steve Martin’s “Bright Star,” Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “School of Rock,” Sissle and Blake’s “Shuffle Along…,” and the much anticipated Sara Bareilles musical “Waitress.” Tune in on June 12th as James Corden leads what is sure to be an iconic evening in theatre history.

The Door to Endless Opportunity

On May 16th the final ruling on Title III of the JOBS Act officially goes into effect allowing businesses to utilize a crowdfunding platform to raise equity investments. This new regulation also loosens the strict requirements on accredited investors allowing for the expansion of what is currently a narrow investor pool. What may seem like an ordinary implementation is actually a major game changer in the commercial theatre world and Elite Theatricals is thrilled to be one of the first businesses to utilize this new platform. Keep an eye out for the announcement in the coming months.