Broadway Grosses: Third Quarter

Although grosses are marginally up from this time last year, sadly attendance and the number of running weeks are down. However much like everything else in life, Broadway is a constant ebb and flow. With the success of mega hits like Hamilton and newer shows like Waitress holding their own, I’m confident we will see a rise in numbers across the board over the next two quarters and into the spring.

Here’s the breakdown:

At the end of three-quarters, Broadway has grossed a total of $1,029,852,538.
Last season at the end of Q3 we had grossed $1,028,580,194.
That’s up .1% from last year.

9,522,036 people have seen Broadway shows so far this season.
9,799,882 people had seen Broadway shows at the same time last year.
That’s down 2.8% from last season.

There were 1,128 playing weeks so far this season.
There were 1,197 playing weeks last season.
That’s a decrease of 5.8% over last year.

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